Ongoing U.N. Rape

Reports of United Nations peacekeepers raping young girls in Africa are nothing new. Yet according to this Reuters article, the abuse is ongoing.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Sexual abuse of girls by U.N. peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was widespread and ongoing despite many revelations and probes, the U.N. watchdog agency reported on Friday.

The peacekeepers over the last year have been accused of gang rapes, sexual harassment and bribing children as young as 12 or 13 with eggs, milk and a few dollars to have sex in bushes, on the bare ground or under mango trees.

The new report by the U.N. Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) concentrates on Bunia, in the eastern part of the Congo, where fighting was intense earlier this year.

“In our view the problem was and continues to be widespread,” Barbara Dixon of OIOS, who worked on the report, said at a news conference. “We ran into fairly substantial resistance from contingent commanders.”

The watchdog team, one of several U.N. probes looking into the sexual abuse charges, investigated 72 allegations against both military and civilian U.N. personnel, which resulted in 20 case reports, one against a U.N. civilian employee.

They fully substantiated the abuses in seven cases, with young girls identifying soldiers from a line up.

One French U.N. staffer, who made pornographic videos of children, was jailed in France for rape. South Africa is taking action against two soldiers. Allegations have also been made against soldiers from Uruguay, Morocco, Tunisia, and Nepal.

Charges of abuses among peacekeepers are not new. Canada and Italy, for example, disclosed more than a decade ago their soldiers had tortured Somalis. But media reports about them have multiplied and now U.N. officials speak about them openly.

Dixon indicated, however, that some of those expelled from peacekeeping missions, ended up in other U.N. jobs instead of being “permanently blacklisted.”

Reuters: Sexual Abuse by UN Troops in Congo Hasn’t Stopped

What blows my mind is that last part. U.N. “peacekeepers” who rape little girls don’t lose their jobs when the abuse is uncovered!

Why do people continue to regard the United Nations as a serious beneficial force in the world? Rape, steal, lie seems to be their modus operandi, and yet people still think the world is better off with them handling things.

Let this be heard: I will vote for a Democrat for any public office who makes it known that he (or she) wants the U.S. to drop out of the U.N. and to kick their asses out of New York and into Frogistan.

15 thoughts on “Ongoing U.N. Rape

  1. Schtink

    If you want to remove yourself from an institution associated with the raping of children (not to mention patronizing child prostitutes), might I suggest changing your citizenship. American soldiers have consistently been the most loyal patrons of Vietnamese and Cambodian child prostitution rings.
    A more accurate question is not “Why do people continue to regard the United Nations as a serious beneficial force in the world?” but, Why do we, as Americans continue to regard ourselves as the moral safe-haven of the world, casually looking away when we rape and pillage?
    (I don’t doubt for a minute that the governments in many of these countries have failed at protecting their own children, but do bear in mind that child prostitution rings thrive because of DEMAND for them, not SUPPLY of them.)

  2. Mark

    Consensual sex with adult Vietnamese women (which is what that link is about) is different than child rape, but I will conceded your point that Americans aren’t above committing atrocities. Look at the Abu Ghraib incidents. But here’s the difference: people are in jail for the Abu Ghraib crimes… they didn’t just get transfered to another base.

  3. Don Quixote (subscribed)

    Thanks for documenting this. Your Reuters link is not working (or more likely, is no longer working). I remembered this story, but couldn’t find it posted at any news service. Fortunately Google led me to you :-)

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