Gannongate Update

Gannongate, in a word: yawn.


  1. Bob says

    You’re probably right about this being overwith, but I’ve heard that there’s some connection between Rove and Gannon that could get pretty sticky (sorry for the pun). I agree that the left is once again trying to drum something up with this, but you have to admit, the whole thing is pretty shady. The guy had no press credentials, scooped several stories well before the mainstream press (like Shock and Awe, for instance, four hours before anyone else knew), and was given a lot of access for someone who failed to pass the muster to get a Capitol Hill press pass — he was allowed very close to the president (pretty big security risk). It just seems like there has to be some inside connection to the administration for Gannon to have gotten so close. The porn stuff is another matter — who cares . . . but the security thing is pretty alarming.

  2. says

    The connection is this: they were once at a Christmas party together.

    Yeah… that’s it.

    And the allegation that Gannon knew about the start of Baghdad bombing ahead of time was an anonymous tip posted on a blog.

    So take those with a grain of salt.

    It is curious that Gannon was given a pass… being from a small unknown outfit. But that isn’t really proof of malfeasance. Security risk isn’t really an issue… even if he was a plant, they would have checked him out to make sure he wasn’t going to pull out a 30-06 and start shooting in the middle of a press conference. The issue is: was he a plant? Did the White House seek him out as a “safety line” for the President?

    If you can prove that… you have a story. Until then, it’s just a tabloid piece about an inexperienced gay Republican reporter who asked softball questions.


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