Legalizing Pot Would Net $13.9 Billion

Legalizing marijuana and taxing it would net the government $13.9 billion. $7.7 billion would be saved by ending enforcement of marijuana laws, and $6.2 billion would be gained by taxing the non-toxic herb.


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    The $7.7 billion would “saved” by ending enforcement of marijuana laws would likely be reallocated to the enforcement of other controlled substances, and the $6.2 billion gained by taxing the non-toxic herb assumes the best underground distribution system in the world could somehow be brought kicking and screaming into the mainstream.

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    No doubt, there is an underground market for (tobacco) cigarettes, but how much of a problem is that, really? When given a choice between a slight price advantage, and a legitimate customer base, which do you think they’d choose?

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    Also, what about screening for jobs like pilots and drivers? Alcohol tests measure blood alcohol rates at the time they were taken, while drug tests show presence or absence of marijuana over a prolonged period.

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    Instead of testing for drugs, why not test for symptoms? I mean, a .05 BAC isn’t a problem unless it’s affecting your motor skills. It’s like it is now if you’re driving and have been smoking pot. Your driving will show it, you’ll be pulled over, and you’ll appear to be under the influence and arrested.

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    But isn’t the reason a substance is illegal is due to the “bad” outweighing its “good”? I’m sure they didn’t just say, marijuana is too hard to control so lets just make it illegal.

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    Marijuana was made illegal in 1937. According to Wikipedia:

    The bill was passed on the grounds that marijuana caused “Murder, insanity and death”. Today, it is generally accepted that marijuana caused none of these, and in 1951 Harry Anslinger himself claimed that he had no evidence to support that thesis. However, new reasons had emerged by then, which pushed through a bill that outdated the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.

    The Act is often used by advocates of the decriminalization of marijuana, as now it has become apparent that it was based mostly on racism and wild, entirely unsupported claims. For example, Harry Anslinger said that “Marijuana makes darkies think they’re as good as white men”.

  7. Maxwell says

    If you are really worried about testing for use of marijuana its actually easier as residue is still traceable long after you have smoked it. You can still detect it up to ten years after your last contact with it compare that to alcohol which is about 12 hours.

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    Maxwell, I believe those long term tests use hair… which can be cut off. In any case, marijuana is detectable in the blood and there are standards as to what level indicates that you are under the influence.

  9. Vonna says

    A question
    What are we to do about people coming into the country under medicinal pot from abroad?? I can’t believe our country can’t tell the diffrence between a criminal and a sick person….Imagine if it was legalized….my how the drug companies scramble for land and cultivators

  10. Mike Ballard says

    i thank that they should legalize pot beacuse it helps people with cancer or stress

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