My Many Storm Attitudes

hurricane Dennis
Hurricane Dennis

I’ve been ignoring hurricane Dennis. Such an attitude of blissful ignorance is adopted by many here in Florida. “Storm denial” is a good name for it. “If I don’t acknowledge the storm, it will just go away… it just wants attention,” I think. This attitude prevails until there are actual signs that the storm is coming… like 30 MPH winds or power outages. Once it is clear that the storm cannot be denied, I take on a different attitude.

There is something deep down inside of my psyche that awakens when such a storm arrives. It makes me want to stand my ground, do little to prepare, and dare that big swirly mofo to do its worst. When the wind starts picking up, I feel a tremendous desire to go outside, feel the raw power of the storm buffeting me, and revel in my perseverance. I want to watch trees come crashing down and roofs peel off. I want to stare Mother Nature in the face and laugh when she blinks first and moves on to Alabama or Georgia. Me: 1. Storm: 0.

Of course, my attitude will change once again if the storm leaves me without power during the Florida summers which can reach a heat index of 105° F in the afternoon with humidity in the 90% range.