Hell Freezes

Apple Computers, after a lifetime (my lifetime, anyway) of only offering only single-button mice, has introduced the Mighty Mouse, their first two-button mouse (yeah, they got permission to use the name from Viacom). Eww… you can’t right-click if you have a finger resting on the left side! The whole body clicks down when you apply pressure, as before, and it uses sensors to determine where your fingers were resting, which lets it know which button you “clicked.” If both fingers are resting, it is a left-click. Given the option of relearning how to use a two-button mouse, or buying one of the excellent Logitech or Microsoft products, which would you choose? I’m guessing that the first step of buying a Mac isn’t going to change:

  1. Throw away the mouse and go buy a decent third party two-button one

Paint it white, if it’ll make you feel better.


  1. barnz says

    I think it looks quite cool, but i have to agree with the first step of buying a mac with the normal mouses, like bars of soap. Havn’t tried the MightyMouse yest but i hear great reviews :)