FSU: Close Bond with Seminole Tribe

Florida State University isn’t accepting the NCAA’s decision to ban American Indian mascots during the NCAA championships. The school’s response is well written, powerful, and convincing.

Florida State University is stunned at the complete lack of appreciation for cultural diversity shown by the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s executive committee, which announced today a policy banning schools using Native American names and symbols from hosting NCAA championship events. That the NCAA would now label our close bond with the Seminole Tribe of Florida as culturally “hostile and abusive” is both outrageous and insulting.

On June 17, the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida spoke unequivocally of its support for Florida State University in its use of the Seminole name and related symbols. Accordingly, I intend to pursue all legal avenues to ensure that this unacceptable decision is overturned, and that this university will forever be associated with the “unconquered” spirit of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.


The rules as we understand them would have us cover the Seminole name and symbol as if we were embarrassed, and any committee that would think that is a proper and respectful treatment of Native Americans should be ashamed.

T.K. Wetherell: Official Response

I wrote Mr. Wetherell a letter of support. Florida State is indeed fortunate to have someone of such fortitude at the helm.

Update: The decision was reversed!


  1. Niki Yolanda Martin says

    Please advise where I may obtain documentation on the relationship Florida State University has with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. For example, scholorships for Seminoles who are interested in attending the univeristy; any research pertaining to the health issues of Native Americans, i.e. alcoholism; etc.

    Thank you.