Christmas Prize?

A Target employee told me to have a good Christmas, which, according to Debbie Schlussel’s sources, is against store policy. Do I get a prize? Have I achieved some sort of holiday… nay, dare I say it… Christmas miracle? Or were the reports of Target’s holiday-neutral policies just of isolated local events?

I don’t really have a dog in this silly perennial quarrel, but if I can get a free prize out of it, I might be convinced to start caring.

In any case, the Target boycotters sure look silly if they continue after seeing this.


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    I am still boycotting Target for an article I read a couple of years ago about them not letting the Marine Corps Reserve set up a Toys for Tots drop off location at one of their stores, citing that they did not want any affiliation with military groups.

    But then again, making my boycott list is fairly easy. Home Depot has been on there for the last four years for not have lawn chairs in October 2001.

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    You walked out just before the armed security guards escorted that employee to the manager’s office, where they were summarily fired.

    Then, the manager went down the sidewalk to another store and kicked Santa.

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    Why would that donation page make anyone look silly? How many people are going to donate on that webpage vs. how many people would have dropped change into the Salvation Army can as they walked out of the store? Salvation Army is losing a lot of potential donations this season (again) due to Target’s kicking them out… So my refusal to increase Target’s income is not at all silly, thank you very much…

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    Look at it another way. The default is that the Salvation Army isn’t there. They have to gain permission before they can sit outside stores and solicit donations. If we’re not comparing against the default (no donations through the store), why not compare Wal-Mart against how much they might bring to the Salvation Army if they let the bell ringers follow people around the store? Why does anything less than what Wal-Mart is doing qualify a store for a boycott?

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    I see what you’re saying about the default being no SA workers anywhere, but the default for Target (for as long as I can remember) has been that they have SA outside their stores soliticing donations. Target changed that policy last year and it effected many people shopping habits.

    I guess I don’t see it as much of a boycott as simply changing of shopping patterns as a reaction of Target’s shopping parterns. I don’t call on others to do the same, it’s more personal than that I guess.