Why do Muslims support violence?

Catching Up, Trafalgar Square by Luke Robinson (Flickr)

Gallup has conducted the most massive survey of Muslims in history. So at last we can clear up this question:

Among the Muslims surveyed, 7 percent condoned the 9/11 attacks. The study terms these the “politically radicalized.”

When asked why they supported the attacks, the radicals gave political rather than religious reasons. They have a sense of political frustration and feel humiliated and threatened by the West. Those who opposed the attacks often gave religious reasons for doing so.

The radicals, on average, are not the down-and-out people in society. They are more educated than moderates, and two-thirds of radicals have average or above-average income. Forty-seven percent supervise others at work. They are more optimistic about their own lives than are moderates (52 percent to 45 percent).

Radicals are no more religious than the general population and do not attend mosque more frequently.

What distinguishes them is not their perception of Western culture or freedoms, but their perception of US policies. Even radicals say they support democracy. But 63 percent of radicals do not believe that the United States will allow people in the region to fashion their own political future without direct US influence.

Christian Science Monitor

Let’s dispense with the “they hate us because we’re free” nonsense and the “they hate us because we’re not Muslim” nonsense. They hate the West because the West has undue influence on their lives, and they feel that they can’t control their own political destiny.


  1. says

    Stop with the psycho-babble will you?
    Undue influence on their lives?
    You mean like flushing toilets, shaving and deoderant?

    What you should have said is that their women and children see a better life being had by those in the West and the dictators can’t convince them that their lives are better than those in the United States – so they hate the United States instead of themselves -like American liberals do.

    And how do you change the perception of someone who wants to kill you?

    Who cares why anyway? I kill the person sworn to kill me before they they are successful. The reason why becomes irrelevant regardless which one of us is successful – don’t you think?

  2. says

    Undue influence on their lives?
    You mean like flushing toilets, shaving and deoderant?

    No, like overthrowing their leaders, installing puppet regimes, putting our military bases on their holy lands, bombing them, threatening them, killing them, refusing to recognize their right of self-determination.

    And how do you change the perception of someone who wants to kill you?

    Start treating them like human beings and quit interfering in their affairs.

  3. says

    I think the police have an “undue influence” on my life. I should start kidnapping and torturing their wives and children… you know, for political reasons.

  4. Ashley S. says

    Our presence is exacerbating the situation everyday. Like it or not – our good intentions (I believe the soldiers’ intentions are good) our good intentions are being interpreted as aggressive attacks on their religion, culture and way of life.

  5. says

    I think most of the liberal thinking folks are getting carried away with the kind of belief that religion and the tenets of it per se is not responsible for the terrorist mindset. But if you turn away from the pseudo-intellectual discourses by the left-leaning intellectuals and take a hard look at the teachings and the examples of the lives of the exponent of the religion, you’ll find that such acts are glorified. That is the reason even well-educated lads are brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers.

    Look for the term “kafir”, it talks volumes about the mindset.


  6. says

    First of all, sorry for my bad english and my naive ness…

    I just wanted to say that eversince (always) or well, the thing is… err.. ah

    Ok, I’m a Muslim, and I don’t live in the Middle East.

    The way I see it, I blame TV.. Why? Because sometimes TV didn’t give a very detailed information that causing people to hasty generalized thing.


    He wrote

    I think the police have an “undue influence” on my life. I should start kidnapping and torturing their wives and children… you know, for political reasons.

    Hey, you can’t generalize what people have in their mind, for some reason, you are saying “kidnapped” as you see that’s the way Muslim taken care of their problem right? Well what else would you tryin to say that kinda example. Well, I think you’ve seen to much TV….

  7. Cassi says


    I just left a comment on another post about “Because they Hate”. In it, Briggete Gabriel outlines the fact that there are sects of Muslims that hate all those that are not Muslim – hence their attacks not only on Americans, but on Jews as well. Do you really put that much weight into a single poll or is there more to your reasoning on this matteR?

  8. Mark says

    Maybe my facts are wrong. the problem i have is people seem to not know their own history. If you look back into the turn of the 19th century most of the muslin nation abandoned Israel and much of the surrounding areas because it was freaking desert. they didn’t know what the hell to do with it and left in hordes. Then with the help of American military and know how they discovered oil and ways to thrive in the desert. Then all the sudden the people that abandoned their homeland heard what was going on and were like hey we now want that land back now that you made something of it. It’s ours and were going to kill you if you don’t give it back. Hence old promises of American government dating back a century being fulfilled to the allies from that day. If I remember correctly Great Britain, France, and Russia were trying to flush out Muslims and take over Jerusalem. Then what comes is World War I where America steps in to help stop insane people like Hitler and we make pacts to help keep that from happening again. So what is going on today, hmmm Russia is pissed off again and are forming alliances or trying to with radicals to take their old lands back and more. In the middle are Islamic radicals who want the lands back as well and will wage war on anyone that gets in the way.

  9. Amy says

    If it’s all about the west’s meddling in the Middle East, how do you account for all the violence between Muslim on Muslim, Muslim on Buddhists, Muslim on Christians, Muslim on Jews, Muslim on Filipino citizens, Muslim on Indonesian citizens and Australian tourists etc. all around the freaking world???!!! Are they all just brain washed, US policy hating, peace loving Muslims who are taking their frustrations out on random people who get in their way?