Cory Maye to be released

Cory Maye will be released from prison and escape death row, in a plea agreement. In 2006, Maye was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death, for the shooting of a police office who barged through his door in the middle of the night, unannounced (according to Maye’s testimony).

While it’s wonderful that the father of two will be finally going home to his family, it doesn’t excuse that he was locked up for 10 years and threatened with execution for what, on the evidence, was clearly an accident. The details of the case are shocking… a racist informant (who multiple times has called Maye a “nigger”) who lied, police who handled the raid like amateurs, an hack “expert witness” who gave extremely misleading testimony, and a bumbling defense which inadequately argued the complete lack of motivation for the alleged crime. And our immoral, misguided, murderous war on drugs that has claimed or destroyed countless lives. This sucks on so many levels.


  1. Clara says

    This is why I’m against the death penalty. Not that people don’t do things bad enough that they should forfeit the right to breathe, but our justice system is imperfect. Witnesses lie, we all have prejudice of some sort, corruption is everywhere.