How to hold a camera

Congratulations! You bought a big, fancy, expensive SLR camera. You’re fighting the camera phone movement and are making physical sacrifices in order to capture better images. Well done.

But you’re probably holding it wrong.


Thumb under the lens

See how my thumb is under the lens? This makes for poor support of the camera. Try this, and then slightly loosen your right hand grip. See how the camera immediately wobbles? That’s because it only has your thumb supporting it.


Palm under the lens

Much better. Now my entire palm is supporting the lens and the camera. I can actually completely release my right hand, and the camera won’t move. It won’t even wobble. Next, notice how switching to this position naturally draws the left elbow in towards the body. This creates a sort of tripod. Your elbows should be in, tight against your chest. They form two legs of the tripod. The third “leg” is the camera being pulled against your face. This is more stable, and means that you’ll have less camera shake, which means fewer blurry photos.

P.S. Before you ask, the Nikon logo is blacked out because I find it distracting to see its bright white reflection in people’s eyes when taking portrait shots. And also because I like to pretend I’m Batman, with black logo-less tech tools.