WordPress Smilies

WordPress has built-in functionality to automatically create smiley face images (emoticons, if you will) for both entries and for comments. It just occurred to me that I probably only know the text equivalents for three or four of them. Here’s the entire list. I got this list by looking at the code of /wp-includes/vars.php.

:) :-) and :smile: :-)
:D :-D and :grin: 😀
:( :-( and :sad: :-(
:o :-o and :eek: 😮
8O 8-O and :shock: 😯
:? :-? and :???: 😕
8) 8-) and :cool: 😎
:lol: 😆
:x :-x and :mad: 😡
:P :-P and :razz: 😛
😮ops: 😳
:cry: 😥
:evil: 👿
:twisted: 😈
:roll: :roll:
;) ;-) and :wink: 😉
:idea: 💡
:| :-| and :neutral: 😐
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  1. says

    Thanx for this – I’ve been looking all over for it, but once you know where to look…
    Here’s a hint for you folks out there: you might have noticed that the “oops”-Smilie does not display correctly because its first two characters (the colon and the letter o) form the “surprised” smilie and are interpreted as such. It is therefore advisable to edit vars.php and replace the word “oops” with “redface” or some other obvious abbreviation.

  2. Peter L says

    This one – ops: – needs to be changed to (colon)oops(colon), so that it looks like this – 😳

  3. says

    Great list, I run a smiley site and have been meaning to make a WP plugin… it’s on the ever expanding to-do list.

    Smile on.


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