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This plugin has been moved to my code section, here.


  1. says

    When your plugin is activated it returns the following code in the comments template:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for show_gravatar_signup() in /home/cranial/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/gravatar-signup/gravatar-signup.php on line 32

    The plugin was uploaded as per instructions 1e entire folder resides in the wp-content/plugin folder.

    I checked and both files as loaded are not corrupted in any way.

    Any ideas in how to solve the problem?

  2. says

    Hey Mark – is it possible to manually place the call on WP 1.5? I have customized my comments template so the tab order is off. It also shows the checkbox for people that already have gravatars so I would like to wrap it in a statement to detect that and only show if the user has no gravatar.

  3. says

    Don’t sweat it Mark. You wrote the thing so beautifully, it was a breeze to modify it for the custom comments template!

  4. says

    Rob, were you able to successfully modify your comments template so that the Sign up checkbox does not appear if they already have a Gravatar?

    If so, can you pass along the info?

  5. says

    I can’t get it to work on my site though…I’ve placed the gravater sign up folder into my plugin folder and activated the plugin. I’m using wordpress 1.5, What could be the problem…? My site address is: http://www.jeffswanson.com
    If someone could give me a hand that would be great…

  6. says

    JoeBruin: Nope. I was thinking there might be some variable in the Gravatar plugin itself that would let me perform a check against it, but no dice.

  7. says

    I have the same problem as Jeff. When I was on WP 1.2 Mingus the gravatar worked fine. In fact looking at past threads (pre upgrade) it still does even though I am now useing WP 1.5.

    Yet now, any comment I leave on my own site doesn’t show the gravatar.

    Any clue as to why?

  8. says

    Marc, you’ll need the plugin you used in WP 1.2 in order to display Gravatars. This plugin does NOT display Gravatars. All it does is easily allow your users to sign up for one. You’d still need to use a plugin to show Gravatars.

  9. says

    Mark – FYI, I got an error thrown on line 93 of the plugin file. It looks like the include was missing the left parenthesis in this latest version.

  10. says

    Mark, excellent work on this plugin. Thanks for you hard work on it…I’m sure it’ll increase the number of commenter’s on our sites having gravatars!

  11. says

    Just a tip: as far as I can tell, performing get_headers() (PHP5 core function, see man page comments for a pre-PHP5 version) will return Last-Modified information if it is NOT a 1×1 image (ie. that user has an existing Gravatar).

    It’s a noble effort, but I’m not convinced this plugin is in the user’s best interests. How can I be sure someone hasn’t bastardized the plugin to save my selected password?

  12. says

    Robert, fixed the line 93 error.

    C.S., thanks for the tip. I’m already working on building a simple local cache of e-mail hashes that have gravatars so that an outgoing connection isn’t needed once we find out that a certain address has a gravatar, but get_headers() should speed it up for the first time.

    About your security concerns… I considered that, but as long as you own the e-mail address, it isn’t a problem. A user can always go to http://gravatar.com/forgot_password.php and have their password reset.

  13. Frederik says

    Hi Mark. Very nice plugin. However, it only seems to work for users who are not logged in. I have a 1.5-compatible template that omits the name and eMail-fields if a user is logged in.

  14. says

    I have a big update coming in the next 30 minutes that will include a fix for that issue, as well as a massive speed improvement using both a local cache and C.S.’s suggestion.

  15. says

    Okay, big update!

    For version 1.4 there is an additional step. You have to make the /plugins/gravatar-signup/gravatar-cache.txt file (which is new) writable. This will be used to cache the hashes of e-mail addresses that have Gravatars. This will make it much faster to determine if someone has a Gravatar.

    The new method for initially determining if a person has a Gravatar is much faster, thanks to C.S.’s comment. All in all, I think you’ll find this version to be about 4 or 5 times faster in most circumstances.

    Also, it works with logged in WordPress users who don’t specify an e-mail address, and uses the e-mail address from their profile, should they have one.

    Test away!

  16. says

    C.S. I’m not caching the images, just the hashes. I don’t actually need the Gravatar… just need to know if one exists.

  17. says

    It depends on your server. 666 is the standard as Frederik noted, but some servers will be 755, some 777.

    Go view your comment form with a cookie with a valid Gravatar e-mail set. If the file can’t be written, it will give you an error telling you so.

  18. says

    Marc, you’ll need the plugin you used in WP 1.2…

    I understand that I had previously updated it along with the WP 1.5 install. I think I’ll download your newest version, delete and reinstall the gravatar code from them.

    See if that cure the problem.

  19. Frederik says

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks. Could you please consider an internationalisation-option for future updates or any other way I can change the displayed text besides editing the source?

  20. Henrikf says

    where in my 1.5 defualt wp comment.php will this line go ??

    I have tried but the checkbox will not show up.

  21. Henrikf says

    hmm ..still no go
    eeeh wait i have only one “” tag, no “” inside my /wp-content/themes/default/comments.php

  22. Henrikf says

    aaargh … i only have the closing form tag (in comments.php)
    not the opening form tag ….

  23. Henrikf says

    Ok ! narrowed it down …

    The check button is showing upp in IE win , Safari mac ,Firefox win

    but not in Firefox on mac …. funny
    Is this a javascript thing ?
    BTw.. java and script is enabled i Firefox ..

  24. says


    The check button isn’t JavaScript dependant. How it works is that when you click the check button, an additional section opens up below, and that uses JavaScript… but JS support shouldn’t affect the checkbox itself. Only think I can think of is some weird CSS issue. Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac to test on for you…

  25. says

    In order to have Gravatars show up, you’ll need a separate Gravatar plugin. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, as there are many great plugins to do that already. This one looks particularly nice.

  26. says

    i get this messege
    Fatal Error: Remote file opening disabled on this install of PHP: this plugin cannot properly function.

  27. says

    Makki, it should be placed in your comments. In WP 1.5, this is /themes/your-theme/comments.php

    I’d place it right before the comment content.

  28. Makki says

    err i mean is this the code?

    ?php gravatar({rating{, size{, default{, border}}}}) ?

  29. Ben says

    Right, but is there a way to test this script feature (getting a Gravatar) on your page without actually leaving a message? Perhaps create a demo site that automatically deletes the comments after a day or two? My earlier comment was just rubbish — I was testing! 😉

  30. says

    I don’t mind if you leave a generic “this looks cool!” comment in order to test it out, as long as it is done on this entry. :-)

  31. Siggie says

    how come the checkbox dont show on my latest firefox 1.02 on my webpage??
    but it shows on ie6 sp2
    (win xp)

  32. says

    Well, I downloaded it.
    Uploaded it to my plug ins folder.
    Put in the

    /* — —-*/

    (slashes and spaces added to avoid problems in these here comments )

    And I see nothing when I use it on my site:

    F a t h e r L u k e .com

    I am using the manji theme
    with wordpress 1.5-beta-1 2005-01-25
    and I’m using skippy’s gravatar plug in.

    Any love here?

    I’d love to use this, but hey – wanting and being
    dissapointed because I can’t have something are two
    different things.

    Hope someone might be able to help.
    I’ve seen this little plug in and uit rocks the WP world.

    Father Luke

  33. says

    I downloaded Manji, and took a look at its comments file. It is incompatible with WordPress 1.5, so you will need to place the &lt?php show_subscription_checkbox(); ?> function call manually. It can go anywhere in between your opening <form> and closing </form> within your comments.php file.

  34. says

    Doesn’t show up if you already have a Gravatar and have a comment cookie with that e-mail address. You must have a comment cookie saved in Firefox. Try clearing your cookies.

  35. says

    Doesn’t show up if you already have a Gravatar and have a comment cookie with that e-mail address. You must have a comment cookie saved in Firefox. Try clearing your cookies.

    B I N G O.

    Feel the love. . .

  36. says

    Doesn’t show up if you already have a Gravatar and have a comment cookie with that e-mail address. You must have a comment cookie saved in Firefox. Try clearing your cookies.

    All well and good, I guess, but if you’re requiring user-login to post comments, there’s no way for your existing users to get their gravatar via this plugin. Perhaps it would make sense to add a Dashboard page for already-registered users so that the signup form could be presented to them there…?

  37. says

    Geof, well, it’s supposed to hide the checkbox if you have a comment cookie saved and that e-mail address does not have a Gravatar but it appears that the Gravatar server changed things around, so the method I’m using to determine if a user has a Gravatar isn’t working. That’s why you’re only seeing the checkbox if you clear the cookie… because the code that determines Gravatar status is returning a false positive. I’m in the process of changing that code to use a method that won’t be broken the next time they shuffle stuff around over there.

  38. says

    And just for your debugging purposes: I implemented this on a spanking-new Weblog [that has no comments], and I’m being asked the first time if I want to sign up even though that user has one [it’s the same email I’m using here]. Though, that’s probably just because of the cache not having data in it. If so, I’m posting this comment as instructional for those who are in this unique situation, wondering if they’ve buggered something up.

    Thanks for the spiffy plugin. :)

  39. says

    Alright, people. Please upgrade to version 1.5! Thanks to Geof for bringing to my attention that something wasn’t working. Gravatar changed something on their servers, so the method I was using to see if the current commenter already has a Gravatar was failing. Now, it’s using a method that shouldn’t break in the future, since it’s the new method that the people at Gravatar have recommended! Also, fixes for sites with user registration as well as compatibility with the latest WP 1.5.1 builds. You should flush out (empty the contents of) your gravatar-cache.txt file, because it’s likely filled up with hashes of people who don’t have Gravatars, due to the fact that the code was creating false positives.

  40. says

    Hi i am returned here :) i have a disability ok and umm sometimes i just dont understand stuff and so i must apologize i guess cuz i need someone to explain step by step to me about adding to the comments.php please someone can help me out cuz i have done all can do and avs dont show up.

    thank you

  41. Rahul Sinha says

    I wonder if WP will soon have some of the more popular plug-ins bundled in. This is especially important where the plug-ins advance a “platform” technology, such as Gravatar, Del.icio.us, etc.

    WP seems to have the marketshare to create standards simply by adopting a protocol or platform in its default configurations (wrt blog related technologies). This is a power that they might as well use, no?


  42. says

    I wonder if WP will soon have some of the more popular plug-ins bundled in.

    At this point, Rahul, WordPress is still solidifying its codebase and coming to a maturity point. The plugins released with the default install are primarily those written by the maintainers of the codebase; third-party developers shan’t expect such freedoms.

    Where WordPress could definitely stand to improve is in having a centralized plugin database. That effort is starting quite fitfully, at least to my eyes…

  43. says

    Not sure what is going on here…

    1. Copied folder to plugins folder
    2. Activated plugin
    3. Made cache.txt writeable
    4. Dropped into comments.php

    Nothing showing up anywhere. I tried moving the call to different places in comments.php and still not showing.

    Any ideas? Thanks :)

  44. says

    JoeBruin88, it’s working fine on your site… I can see it.

    Shadow, it’s showing up on your site, but you have one of those funky layouts with floated left and right columns, so it gets pushed down all the way. Open up the plugin file and look for <p style="clear:both;"> and change it to <p> and that’ll fix your problem. In a future version I’ll make that an option, something like “enable this option if the signup form is pushed to the bottom of the page.”

    And guys, remember that if you have a Gravatar in your WP profile or comment cookie, you won’t see the signup box (because you already have a Gravatar!)

  45. says

    This seems to have a bad reaction when used in conjunction with trenscaspammers plug-in which creates a random code to help prevent comment spam. Both plug-ins do not play well together. You can ingnore the random code if this is activated and then it doesn’t take you to the gravatar site either.

  46. says

    Elana, that plugin looks quite invasive, and is using code dating back to WordPress 1.2 for handling comments that is likely interfering. That might not be the best choice for spam prevention. I recommend Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2. They keep me spam free, without the hassle of a CAPTCHA for commenters.


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