Atticus didn’t want to wake up today

My son Atticus, three, is a deep sleeper. Much like his father. He also tends to choose interesting places to sleep. Today we discovered him asleep in a laundry basket on his bed.

Then this happened:

I'm just going to see how far I can move him like this.

Got him downstairs.


Inside his cedar play house.

In the hammock.

Difficulty level: Moses.


Finally got him to wake up.

I showed him the photos and videos. He went from sleepy to bemused to incredulous to recounting stories about his adventures.

And that was the end of his adventure. Then, as I was about to post this, this happened:

And… he got stuck in a trash can.

Oh, Atticus.

5 thoughts on “Atticus didn’t want to wake up today

  1. elaine ossipov (subscribed)

    You have such a cute son, and I’m so happy he remembered all those pictures you took! :)
    Ah, the joys of #parenting

  2. Remkus (subscribed)

    Epic! He’s going to be soo thankful for this post come 10 years. My two oldest kids made me take down the sites I had created for/of them :)

  3. haiz

    I used to do that advanture to my cat when she was a kitten.
    If I try to do the same thing to her…… I don’t even wanna think about that,
    she’d do like /////////////////// on my hands obviously.


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